Two days ago was National Coming Out Day. Yesterday, one of my friends, a Marine veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom, walked into a VA seeking help because she’s dealing with profound depression. The nurse practitioner she spoke to in the mental health clinic spent three hours with her. That entire time was spent telling my friend that the sole reason she’s depressed is because she is gay. Not because she is a military veteran. Not because she was injured in the service. Not for any of the million other challenges in my friend’s very full, very complex life. Just because she’s gay. This NP stated that my friend needs to “get right with God.” She told my friend to read her bible and gave her specific scriptures she should consult. This NP also told her there “actually are churches now that accept homosexuals and can help get your life back on track.” She recommended that such churches would be a good support system to help my friend “turn her life around” and “stop choosing to be gay.” She stated that my friend needed to “repent” and “return to the light.” When my friend started to cry, this woman told her that her tears were clearly a sign of guilt over being gay. A NURSE PRACTITIONER, who is LICENSED TO PRACTICE in the United States and who is representing herself as a mental health professional gave my friend a religious rant worthy of Westboro Baptist Church. The only thing missing was their precise wording. She never said “God hates fags,” in THOSE words, but she sure got her message across.

Today is October 13, 2011. Two days ago was National Coming Out Day, and my friends, I am here to tell you that we still have a long damn way to go.

I am livid.

—this was actually posted by a good friend of mine on facebook and reddit. sadly, it’s not fake, this actually happened. i understand that people have the right to their own beliefs whatever they may be, but to spew such hatred and in that environment? there’s no excuse for that. that woman was beyond unprofessional and shouldn’t be allowed to practice any sort of medicine at all. she must have forgotten that oath she took; do no harm.

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